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This free practice exam contains 88 questions. The layout of the questions and answers is similar to what you will encounter in your ACAMS® CAMS exam. Your answers to this free test are stored on your computer - you can leave and return to the test whenever you like, so don't worry if you get distracted. As long as you use the same computer each time, your previous answers will be stored and you can continue where you left off.

Once you have answered all of the questions, you will recieve a score. You can then look at any question and see both the correct answer and also an explaination. You can use this to help your learning and check any sections of the study notes that you need to revise.

You can clear your answers and re-take the test as often as you wish and it's completely free.

Please note that this exam has nothing to do with the official exam - it's just a way of making some personal revision materials availabile to a wider audience. Good luck!

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