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A completely free support resource for people studying for the ACAMS ® CAMS exam

Studying for your ACAMS ® CAMS AML exam can be daunting. Anti Money Laundering is a complex subject, and plain talking information is difficult to find. This site was set up to provide some practical, concise and easy-to-understand revision notes. You might find them useful in addition to the official materials you're provided with.

Once you are ready, we have a sample mock exam for you to try. It's written in the same style as the real thing, so you'll get used to the question format, plus, it covers the same topic areas so you'll get a good understanding of your areas of strength and development opportunities.

This site has nothing to do with the official exam - it's just a way of making some personal revision materials available to a wider audience. It goes without saying that there is no endorsement of this material by anyone. However, you probably want to know that I passed my exam first time with a 90% plus score.

I hope you find the material useful.