Dealers in High Value Items

  • Previous metals, gem stones, jewellery, art and antiques are all vulnerable. Gold is compact, valuable, and convertible to cash in many parts of the world anonymously. For example, gold or diamonds can be purchased using cash generated from drug sales. The gold or diamonds can be smuggled back to the drug production country and converted into clean money. This then funds the drug production, with the reminder as profits for the producer. Often dealers will buy the high value item, and will make payment to a third party, allowing the change of the item from one form to another (e.g. object to cash) and from one person to another. As a result, this feature is useful in the layering phase.

  • Art auction houses have very high value items which are bought by anonymous agents for elusive purchasers. The funds for the purchase arrive as a wire transfer from an off-shore location.

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