Arabic Names

  • All names are translated (transliterated) from Arabic script

  • Short vowels are often left out/altered e.g. Mohammed could be Mohamad or Mohamed

  • Names are often long, with the second name being the father’s name

  • If bin or ibn precedes the name, it means ‘son of’

  • If a family name is appended, it sometimes includes ‘al’

  • Common names are Mohammed, Ahmed Ali and any name beginning Abd- or Abdul which means ‘servant of ’ which is then followed by one of 99 suffixes which describe God.

  • Many names begin ‘Abu’ meaning father of, followed by a noun that may mean ‘freedom’ or ‘struggle’. If this is a first name, it is not usually a given name. Only when Abu is a prefix of a surname should it be accepted as a correct name

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